Our Story

Seasalt Kids was started by three sisters who believed that children’s swimwear should not have to sacrifice function for style. Or mom’s needs for the child’s needs. Or the environment for our's. They believed kids swimwear should do all that. . . and then some. . .

More than just a cute suit

Made for performance

Designed for fun

From: Sisters of Seasalt

To: Our Little Girls


We believe in the importance of leaving a healthy planet for our kids, and more importantly we believe in empowering them at an early age that they too can make a difference in protecting our planet. Our eco-friendly suits and packaging provide the perfect opportunity to share with your kids the importance of being environmentally conscious and how they too are just as much a part of the world-wide sustainability efforts as we are. Our ultimate mission is to inspire parents and kids to take action by following their dreams while protecting the planet.

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