Superstar Ambassador Search & Giveaway Official Rules

The following are the Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) setting forth the official rules for Seasalt Kids Superstar Ambassador Search & Giveaway (“Ambassador Giveaway” or “Giveaway). Seasalt Kids is a subsidiary of Se Soeurs LLC (collectively referred to as “Seasalt Kids” or “Sponsor”).

By participating in the Ambassador Giveaway, entrants agree to be bound by these T&Cs and the decisions of Seasalt Kids. Without limitation, these official rules include indemnities to Seasalt Kids from you and a limitation of your rights and remedies.

1. Parent or Legal Guardian

A parent or legal guardian must enter on behalf of the minor child. By submitting an application on behalf of minor child, the parent or legal guardian (referred to as “You”, “parent”, “legal guardian”) understands and agree to the following official rules in these T&Cs.

You are the parent or legal guardian of minor child and have the full right and authority to grant consent to enter into the Ambassador Giveaway on behalf of the minor child. The giveaway will be issued in the name of the parent or legal guardian.

2. Contest Timing

Ambassador Giveaway begins on February 4, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST.  All applications must be received by March 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Top Ten finalists will be announced on or about March 6, 2020 and the winner will be announced on March 23, 2020 on Seasalt Kids’ official Instagram page.  See below for further details on the winner selection process.

3. Eligibility

The Ambassador Giveaway is open only to girls ages 6-10. Must be legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia. Parent or legal guardian must submit official application and fulfill the requirements on Seasalt Kids' Instagram page.  See below for details.

4. Application Submission for the Ambassador Giveaway

There is no purchase necessary to participate in the Ambassador Giveaway. A purchase does not increase your chances of winning. Participation constitutes entrant's full and unconditional agreement to these T&Cs and Seasalt Kids’ decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Ambassador Giveaway. Winning the Ambassador Giveaway is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

  • Official Application:  To enter, you must fill out the official application and submit a photo and video by March 1, 2020, 11:59 PM PST. The official application is gathered through a third-party platform offered by  By submitting an application, you agree to these T&Cs and the Terms of Service offered by Woobox. You may find Woobox’s Terms of Service here:, and Woobox’s privacy policy here:
  • Social Media Requirement:  You must also comply with Seasalt Kids’ Instagram requirements to enter the Ambassador Giveaway. Please refer to Seasalt Kids' official announcement post dated February 4, 2020 for the Instagram requirements, which include the following: (i) follow Seasalt Kids’ official Instagram account, @seasaltkidsswim; (ii) like Seasalt Kids’ official Ambassador Giveaway announcement posted on February 4, 2020; (iii) share the post on your Instagram feed or stories and tag Seasalt Kids; (iv) and comment on the post by tagging another Instagram user. Instagram account must be public. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Instagram.

 5. Top Ten Finalists Selection and Notification

The Top Ten (10) finalists will be chosen by Seasalt Kids. The finalists will be selected by March 6, 2020. All finalists will be notified through the email address listed on the application form by March 3, 2020. Once notified, the finalists must respond within two (2) days confirming receipt and agreeing to continue to the final stage of the promotion. All finalists will be required to sign a model release form, release of liability, waivers, W-9 Form (if applicable) in connection with the Ambassador Giveaway. If a finalist cannot be contacted or does not respond within two (2) days from the date Seasalt Kids first tries to notify him/her, the finalist forfeits all rights to be entered to win the Ambassador Giveaway.

6. Public Voting

All videos and photographs of the top ten finalists will be posted on Seasalt Kids’ public gallery starting on March 6, 2020 at 12:00 PM PST and will remain on the gallery for public voting.  Voting will begin on March 6, 2020 at 12:00 PM PST and will close on March 18, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. By submitting an application, You consent to the use of minor child’s (the entrant) name, age, photo and video submission by Seasalt Kids on its public gallery for purposes of voting, which will be open to the general public during this period.

7. Winner Selection and Notification

After voting closes on March 18, 2020, Seasalt Kids will tally the votes and the finalist with the most votes will be the winner of the Ambassador Giveaway. The winner will be notified on March 19, 2020 through the email address listed on the application form and must respond within 24-hours of being notified that the finalist has agreed to be the winner of the Ambassador Giveaway and will abide by the terms stated herein, including, but not limited to, the travel arrangements details contained herein.  If the winner cannot be contacted or does not respond within 24-hours from the date Seasalt Kids first tries to notify him/her, the winner forfeits all rights to win the Ambassador Giveaway.

Winner will be officially announced on Seasalt Kids' social media on March 23, 2020.

8. Giveaway Details

The winner will receive the Giveaway items described below and subject to the following restrictions and disclaimers:

  • Hotel & Travel: The Ambassador Giveaway will consist of a trip for the winner and one (1) parent or legal guardian (collectively referred to as “Winner”) to Honolulu, Hawai'i on mutually agreeable weekend in May 2020 or June 2020. This will include a round-trip, coach air transportation for Winner from an airport nearest the Winner’s home as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion, and a 3 days/2 nights hotel accommodations for one (1) standard room, double occupancy at a hotel determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Winner will be responsible for all other incidentals not otherwise included herein, meals, and any charges incurred for additional occupants.

The minor child must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The trip must be on a mutually agreeable weekend in May 2020 or June 2020 and subject to the availability of Sponsor and Sponsor’s agents including Sponsor’s photographer retained for the photoshoot as specified below. Actual itinerary will be determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. The Winner shall not be permitted to make changes or alter the itinerary unless approved by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Any costs or expenses due to any approved change will be Winner’s sole responsibility. It is the sole responsibility of Winner to advise the Sponsor within a reasonable time of any changes to travel availability or restrictions.  Sponsor will endeavor to accommodate such restrictions but in no way guarantees that changes will be made to original travel itinerary. Selection of the airline, departure and arrival airport, and hotel are solely within Sponsor’s sole discretion. Winner agrees to be responsible for and shall reimburse any and all costs incurred by Seasalt Kids as a result of cancellation by the Winner.

Winner may be required to provide a valid major credit card or some other acceptable form of payment, as determined in the hotel’s sole discretion upon hotel check-in and all in-room charges, telephone calls, meals, beverages, hotel upgrades, amenities, personal incidentals and any other expenses charged to the winner’s hotel room will be charged to that major valid credit card or deducted from the deposit provided. Travel is subject to terms and conditions set forth in these T&Cs and those set forth by selected travel providers, availability and other material restrictions may apply. Sponsor shall not be responsible for any cancellations, delays, diversions or substitution or any act or omissions whatsoever by the air carriers, hotels or other transportation companies or any other persons providing any of these services and accommodations to passengers including any results thereof such as changes in services or accommodations necessitated by same. Sponsor shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to baggage.  Winner is subject to all airline and hotel’s policies and the terms and conditions imposed by Sponsor and those companies providing air travel and lodging. By accepting the Giveaway, Winner agrees to abide by such policies, terms and conditions.

The actual value of the Ambassador Giveaway may vary based upon point of departure and airfare fluctuations. Airline carrier's regulations and conditions apply. Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded. Winner is solely responsible for any costs and expenses in connection with the Ambassador Giveaway not expressly described herein as being awarded including, without limitation, any additional costs and expenses associated with the Giveaway (including, but not limited to, transportation, travel or other insurance, transportation between departure airport and Winner’s home, baggage fees, room service charges, any additional costs charged to the hotel room, souvenirs, personal charges, tips, gratuities, entertainment, transfers, and other incidental expenses).  Sponsor is not responsible for any fees or additional charges resulting from Winner’s change to itinerary (assuming such was approved by Sponsor). Once travel companion is selected, he/she may not be substituted, except in Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion.  Lost, stolen or damaged airline tickets, travel vouchers or certificates will not be replaced or exchanged.

Winner and travel guest (parent or legal guardian) must travel on the same itinerary as set by Sponsor in its sole discretion and are responsible for obtaining any/all necessary documents (including but not limited to a valid photo I.D. and passport) prior to departure. Parent/legal guardian must also sign any liability release or waivers requested by Seasalt Kids related to the Ambassador Giveaway prior to issuance of travel documents.

Sponsor is not responsible for any delay or cancellation of the Ambassador Giveaway and/or event due to unforeseen circumstances, or those outside of Sponsor’s control.

  • Professional Photoshoot: The Ambassador Giveaway includes a professional photoshoot by a photographer and at a location chosen by Seasalt Kids in its sole discretion. The photoshoot shall occur during a weekend in May or June 2020 as mutually agreed upon by Winner and Seasalt Kids. Seasalt Kids has sole discretion to determine date, time and location of photoshoot as well as any swimsuit attire and props used in the photoshoot. Parent or legal guardian must agree to sign a model release form on behalf of minor child. Seasalt Kids reverses the right to make any changes or additions to the photoshoot and parent or legal guardian agrees to work with Seasalt Kids in executing all necessary documentation, releases or waivers on behalf of minor child.
  • Gift Bag: The Ambassador Giveaway includes a gift bag containing products from Seasalt Kids as well as companies who have agreed to sponsor the giveaway by donating free products. Seasalt Kids reserves the right to include additional products from other companies, but in no way whatsoever makes any claims or guarantees about said products by including them in the gift bag.

Seasalt Kids reserves the right to make any changes to the above Ambassador Giveaway. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of Giveaway: $2,500 USD. All details not specified in the T&Cs will be determined in Seasalt Kids’ sole and absolute discretion. The above listed items are not transferrable nor redeemable for cash value. Any stated difference between the ARV and actual value of the giveaway items will not be awarded. All federal, state, and local taxes on the giveaway items are the sole responsibility of Winner. 

9. Additional Rules and Disclaimers

Winner may be required to execute and return a model release form, release of liability, publicity release, waivers, and W-9 (or other IRS tax reporting forms if applicable). Acceptance of the giveaway constitutes permission for the Sponsor to use winners’ name and/or likeness, age, application photo and video submission, for purposes of marketing and advertising without further compensation.

By entering in the Ambassador Giveaway, You understand that You are not an employee, agent, franchisee, or partner of the Seasalt Kids. You cannot act on behalf of the company. You do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the company. You understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to You in connection with the Seasalt Kids Superstar Ambassador Search & Giveaway.  Further, You waive all claims of compensation or damages arising from the Seasalt Kids Superstar Ambassador Search & Giveaway.

10. Limitations of Liability

You agree to hold Seasalt Kids, its officers, agents, assignees and employees harmless for any liability from any injury or damage arising from the use or promotion of any photographs, videos, audio recording of minor child in connection with the Seasalt Kids Superstar Ambassador Search & Giveaway including the weekend trip to Hawai'i and event and activities occurring during said trip.

By participating in the Ambassador Giveaway, You agree that Seasalt Kids, its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, agents, retailers, advertising and all of their respective shareholders, officers, directors, employees and assigns, members, representatives and agents, will have no liability whatsoever for, and will be held harmless by entrant for any liability, including but not limited to, any bodily injury, loss, cost or damages of any kind, including death and property, damages sustained due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from entry creation, the acceptance, possession, use or unintended misuse of information obtained in connection with the Ambassador Giveaway, or participation in any Ambassador Giveaway related activity, or any technical errors, printing errors, and any errors in the administration of the promotion. BY ENTERING THE AMBASSADOR GIVEAWAY, YOU HEREBY REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOU HAVE READ THESE OFFICIAL RULES AND ARE FULLY FAMILIAR WITH ITS CONTENTS. BY ENTERING THE AMBASSADOR GIVEAWAY, YOU AGREE THAT: (1) ANY AND ALL DISPUTES, CLAIMS AND CAUSES OF ACTION ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED WITH THE AMBASSADOR GIVEAWAY SHALL BE RESOLVED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE ARBITRATION AGREEMENT AND PROCEDURES SET FORTH IN SEASALT KIDS’ TERMS OF SERVICE FOUND AT HTTPS://WWW.SEASALTKIDS.COM/PAGES/TERMS-OF-SERVICE; (2) ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, JUDGMENTS AND AWARDS WILL BE LIMITED TO ACTUAL THIRD-PARTY, OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS INCURRED, (IF ANY), NOT TO EXCEED $100, BUT IN NO EVENT WILL ATTORNEYS’ FEES BE AWARDED OR RECOVERABLE; (3) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY PARTICIPANT BE PERMITTED TO OBTAIN ANY AWARD FOR, AND PARTICIPANT HEREBY KNOWINGLY AND EXPRESSLY WAIVES ALL RIGHTS TO SEEK, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS AND/OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES, OTHER THAN ACTUAL OUT-OF- POCKET EXPENSES NOT TO EXCEED $100, AND/OR ANY RIGHTS TO HAVE DAMAGES MULTIPLIED OR OTHERWISE INCREASED; AND (4) PARTICIPANT’S REMEDIES ARE LIMITED TO A CLAIM FOR MONEY DAMAGES (IF ANY) AND PARTICIPANT IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ANY RIGHT TO SEEK INJUNCTIVE OR EQUITABLE RELIEF.

11. Privacy Policy

Sponsor will be collecting personal data about entrants in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Please review the Seasalt Kids Privacy Policy at By participating in the Ambassador Giveaway, entrants hereby agree to Sponsor’s collection and usage of their personal information in accordance with the law and acknowledge that they have read and accepted Sponsor’s Privacy Policy.

12. Contact

This promotion is being sponsored by Seasalt Kids and is not affiliated with or administered by any other company, third-party, Instagram or any social media service providers. You may submit all questions or inquiries to or in writing to: Seasalt Kids, P.O. Box 5164, Walnut Creek, CA 94596